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I like chocolate
ISBN 9780980416589

RRP A$24.99hb

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The international bestseller - published in 11 countries!

Can you remember the allure of chocolate when you were a child?

Nearly every child is focused on chocolate, and Davide Cali and Evelyn Daviddi's delicious and funny picture book exactly captures why children love it so much.

It savours its different shapes and sizes; its colours and flavours; all the different ways it can be eaten (including The Well-Mannered Nibble); and the occasions chocolate perfect for (including saying sorry to Mum for breaking her best vase).

A warm and entertaining celebration of our most guilty pleasure, I Like Chocolate also contains important messages about friendship, sharing, and eating in moderation.



Cover Image (high resolution) (5MB, 300 dpi tif)
Advance Information Kit (PDF)
Teachers' Notes (PDF)