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A Dad Who Measures UpPaperback: ISBN 9780958557191

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Hardback: ISBN 9780958557177

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'4.5 stars. Highly recommended.' - Good Reading magazine

Featured in the Kids Reading Guide!

What makes a dad ideal? Is he strong as a wrestler, or handsome as a movie star? Is he intelligent or sporty? Or is he just good at jigsaw puzzles and have lots of hair?

One little girl is about to find out, in this funny, charming and ultimately moving story of her search for a dad who can measure up to the mummy she loves.

Written by the winner of France's prestigious Baobab Award, Davide Cali, one of Europe's most innovative writers for children, and illustrated by Anna-Laura Cantone, twice included in the Bologna Children's Book fair illustration competition.

This Wilkins Farago edition marks its first publication into English anywhere in the world.


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Information Kit (PDF)
View the opening pages online (3MB PDF).
Notes for Teachers & Parents (2.0MB PDF).
Thinker's Keys (to accompany notes) (416kb MS Word)