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I like chocolate

Paperback: ISBN 9780980416565

RRP A$14.99

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Hardback: ISBN 9780980416534

RRP A$24.99

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  • Special Mention - Bologna Children's Book Fair Ragazzi Awards
  • Outstanding International Book - USBBY

'Cali is nothing if not diverse in his choice of subjects to explore. He treats them with keen perception and creativity. Allied with gifted illustrators, his books are always memorable. Highly recommended.' Magpies

'The sharp text ... the pictures brim with goofy details ... it all adds up to a highly satisfying uncovering of a parent's feet of clay.' Publishers Weekly

In this funny and entertaining picture book about finding your passion, young Marcolino doesn't want to practise the piano.

'When I was your age, I played for hours,' Mum insists, but Grandfather remembers things rather differently. He helps Marcolino find the musical instrument that's right for him - and it's a real surprise!

Created by two of Europe's most acclaimed creators of books for chldren, Davide Cali and Eric Heliot (France's leading children's illustrator). For readers aged from 4 to 7.


Cover Image (high resolution) (300 dpi tif)
Information Kit (PDF)
Teachers' Notes (1.2MB PDF)
Worksheet for Schoolchildren (728k PDF)
RUBRICS for Teachers (600k PDF)
Advance Information Sheet for Paperback (PDF)