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What is this thing called love?

Hardback: ISBN 9780980607079

RRP A$24.99

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What is this thing called love? What colour is it and what shape? Is it sweet or savoury? Is it big or small?


Like a lot of kids, Emma would really like to know.

The problem is: everyone Emma asks—Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad—seems to have a different idea of what love is. Can love really be in a piece of cake or a game of football?

It seems there’s a lot more to this love thing than Emma ever imagined!

In this entertaining and ultimately touching tale of questions and answers, Davide Cali and Anna Laura Cantone (creators of the acclaimed A Dad Who Measures Up) remind us that, for a child, the most important love is that which lies at the heart of your own family.



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Magpies July 2011


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